25 Minute Booty Burning Leg Circuit

Recently, I’ve been incorporating a lot of circuit training into my workout routine. If you’re not familiar with circuit training here’s the low down: in a circuit, you complete a set number of exercises one after the other with little to no rest in between. Once you’ve completed a circuit, you start again with the first exercise and repeat “X” number of times.

Circuits are easy to create and can target one muscle group or several muscle groups. Have fun with it. The goal of a circuit is to get your heart rate up quickly and keep it there for a set amount of time.

I’ve been incorporating circuit training as part of my personal Hashimoto’s healing protocol. When I put this workout together, I was actually not that motivated at the gym so I just threw it together but WOW!

Circuit 1

I did 4 rounds of 8-10 reps each. I only rested about 30 seconds in between each set and then completed the circuit again. This kept my heart rate high and I had a good sweat going around the third lap.

Weighted & Body Weight Squat (4×10)

I used kettlebells for this workout but you could use a dumbell as well. The most important thing here is to focus on your form, keep your core tight and SQUEEZE the booty at the top of each rep. I was inspired to try alternating between weighted and body weight reps from Kira Stokes Fit. You start with the kettlebell and squat.

TIP: It’s easier to keep your back flat and chest up if you look forward.

When you get to the bottom of the squat, leave the kettlebell on the floor and come back up and squat again. Then at the bottom pick that kettlebell back up. Rinse & repeat. You will automatically feel the difference in intensity.

Kettlebell Deadlifts (4×10)

girl wearing black calvin klein tank and pink workout leggings performing a lunge with 10 pound dumbells

Walking Lunges (4×8)

Standing Side Kicks and Diagonal Kickbacks

I used the X-Heavy Resistance band that I bought in a pack from Amazon for $9. Make sure to make deliberate, small movements and hold for a second when you kick out.

Circuit 2

Complete 4 rounds of 8-10 reps each. I did 8 reps each of both variations of the lunges and 10 reps of the squat.

Gobblet Squat W/ Kettlebell

You can hold the the kettlebell by the handle like I’m doing here or hold it upside down if you have a better hold on it that way. The thing to remember here is to control the movement, hold for a second or two at the bottom and squeeze at the top.

Reverse Lunge

Reverse lunges are a little harder on my knees so I really try to take my time doing them and get the form as close to perfect as possible. I have issues with my balance on my left side due to Peroneal Tendonitis so I am always wobbling on that side with these. Try to step directly back behind you and not at an angle.

Curtsy Lunge

You can really round out your leg day with curtsy lunges. They are great for tightening the booty and works the inner thigh too! *Bonus* My best advice is to take your time with these and really sit into the lunge so you feel the burn. If you do them quickly [because they’re hard] you won’t get the maximum result.

Finally, as you can see I did this workout in the gym but you can absolutely do it at home too! You can do all the exercises with body weight only – which is still a great workout. If you want to work with weight, you can buy a kettlebell or a set of dumbells pretty much anywhere [Target, Walmart]. Here are the weights I have at home: 15 lb Kettlebell & Adjustable Dumbells

Disclaimer: I am not a fitness professional and thus do not give fitness advice. I am just sharing my personal workouts, how I perform them and what I’ve learned over the years to perform the exercises to get the maximum results for me.

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