3 Game-Changing Skincare Products For My Skin

Recently, I’ve been in a love-hate relationship with my skin. Since I turned 30, my skin has been giving me the proverbial middle finger on the daily. This required drastic action so you can bet I was excited when Adore Cosmetics reached out and wanted to send me some of their organic skincare products for me to try out. Now thanks to these 3 game-changing skincare products for my skin – my skin and I are again on speaking terms.

These products were gifted to me. All opinions are my own.

Adore skincare products (charcoal cleanser, facial peeling mask and hydrating face cream) placed on a blanket with gold magnolia leaves. These are the 3 game-changing skincare products for my skin.

About Adore Cosmetics:

Adore Cosmetics promotes a line of skincare and beauty products that utilize organic stem cell technology to renew, refresh and slow down the effects of aging on your skin. Their products provide anti-aging properties utilizing the power of stem cells harvested from plants.

While this is a luxury skincare product line, Adore Cosmetics is innovating the skincare game by mixing stem cell power with skin nutrition to maintain and restore skincare health.

Each product comes with a certificate of authenticity and a promise that the skincare products are authentic and contain plant stem cells and organic extracts. Learn more about Adore Cosmetics and the 3 game-changing skincare products for my skin here.

3 Game-Changing Skincare Products For My Skin

First Impressions:

The first thing you notice when you’re scrolling through their website is there really seems to be a product that will solve every type of skincare issue. They use high-quality ingredients and organic stem cells from plants so bear that in mind when you start looking at the prices. This is a luxury skincare line so the costs reflect that.

There are plenty of skincare products under $200 and totally attainable for the average person. While there are some EXTREME luxury products like their 24K Gold line that will leave your eyes bulging. Now, while those products are definitely not in my budget – they could be in someone elses. Use my code COMPASS40 for 40% off your purchase.

The products I received were beautifully packaged. The ingredients for the products are clearly listed and have easy to follow instructions.


Don’t let the color of this cleanser scare you! The Icon Edition: Cosmic Activated Charcoal Cleanser literally lets your face breathe. The cleanser is made up of activated charcoal and spirulina. Activated charcoal is huge in the skincare world because it’s known to stick itself to the dirt in your skin so you can wash it away.

A photo of Leigha from A Southern Compass blog in the mirror using the Adore Cosmetics Cosmic Activated Charcoal face cleanser to wash her face. One of the 3 game-changing skincare products for my skin.

Use a dime-size amount to wash your face morning and night but definitely be careful with it because it will stain your clothes. Rinse off with warm water. Super simple – nothing fancy!

I kid you not, you will literally feel your face breathe. It’s like your pores are opening up and pure oxygen is getting in while all the impurities and toxins are flushed out. After I wash, I can see an immediate glow to my skin. It just radiates and feels incredibly smooth. Use code COMPASS40 to get 40% off this cleanser here.


Use a dark washcloth or don’t use your fancy white handtowels when you’re using this product. Charcoal does stain.


I’ve been using the facial peel gel once a week to exfoliate my skin. I’ve never used a product quite like this one before. It’s a very thick gel with a jelly-like consistency. It’s cold going on and gently removes dead skin.

Your face will be baby soft after you use this. Like with other exfoliating products, take care to make sure you don’t over exfoliate and irritate your skin. I’ve been incorporating this into my self-care Sunday routine and then using my derma roller, serums night creams and oils afterward.

A vanity counter top with Adore Cosmetics cosmic activated charcoal cleanser, essence facial hydrating cream and a hand holding the peeling gel. The 3  game-changing skincare products for my skin

With the facial peeling gel, I do wish there were a little more descriptive instructions on how you’re supposed to use it. The instructions suggest you apply a thin layer and then scrub off gently. I’ve been using it two ways to try and get the maximum effects.

  1. Apply a thin layer and let the product sit on your face for 7-10 minutes. Then use your washcloth, damp with warm water, to slowly buff the product and dead skin away.
  2. Apply a thin layer and use my fingers to gently work the product thoroughly over my skin in small circular motions. Rinse with warm water and pat dry.


The Essence Facial Hydrating Cream is the game-changer here for me. It’s ultra, mega hydrating. My skin just soaks up the ingredients in this cream so thoroughly.

The hydrating cream is how I’ve really been able to see the vast difference between some of the mainstream creams that I’ve been using all my life. It’s really no comparison. Once you use a product like the Essence Facial Hydrating Cream – it’s truly changes your expectations for hydration and skincare products. Not to mention, it smells so incredibly wonderful and clean.

Leigha of A Southern Compass holding Adore Cosmetics Essence Facial Hydrating cream in her right hand while applying the product to her face in the mirror with her left hand.

Use about a pump to a pump and a half of the Essence Hydrating Cream and apply it to your face and neck. In the morning, I apply it first and then my SPF. In the evenings, I just use it on top of any other skincare serums. A couple of times a week, I’ll use a facial oil on top of it to really lock in that moisture, especially in the winter.

After you let the cream soak in dry, touch your face. You will be shockingly surprised at the smooth texture and supple feel of your skin. After that, take a look in the mirror because I bet your face will look like mine here: healthy & glowy. No filters and no makeup.

A closeup photograph of Leigha of A Southern Compass Blog with no makeup on.

Now, let’s talk transparently. All 3 of these items in this skincare regimen cost $477 (only $286.20 if you use my code COMPASS40 at checkout). That’s a nice chunk of change! But if you’ve been struggling to see results with your current skincare or are looking to change out a few products in your routine, I’d definitely consider investing in these products or browse other products from Adore Cosmetics.

If I had to pick one of these products to invest my money in – it would be hands down the Essence Facial Hydrating Cream!


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