3 Reasons Why You Need Blue Light Glasses

Technology is everywhere and we’re in a generation where digital is king. The thing is, all this digital consumption can negatively influence our health in more ways than one. But for today, I’m talking about the effects all-digital, all the time has on our eyes and sharing 3 reasons why you need blue light glasses.

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When I was in graduate school, I was taking classes online which required me to spend sometimes upwards of 4-5 additional hours per day on the computer. I started noticing I was having severe headaches that would last several days.

I worked on the computer all day at work then came home and completed my assignments in the evening on the computer. In between work and school, I might watch a few episodes of a show on Netflix and scroll Instagram – which meant MORE screentime. It was blatantly obvious when I was having symptoms of digital eyestrain.

3 Reasons Why You Need Blue Light Glasses

  1. Americans are spending more than 50% of their waking hours in front of TVs, computers or on smartphones, according to Forbes.
  2. Too much blue light can affect your health
  3. You’re experiencing digital eye strain

What is blue light?

Blue light is a color in the visible light spectrum. It used to only be produced by the sun but now we’re exposed to artificial blue light from digital screens. Blue light has a shorter wavelength which translates to it having more energy than say green or yellow light. Too much blue light can cause eye strain, fatigue, and headaches. Our eyes don’t have filters to block out excessive amounts of blue light and thus continuous or overexposure can damage your vision.

If you want to get into the science and really dig into the background information of blue light. Read this article.

How many hours do you consume digital?

Odds are you’re not even aware of how much blue light you’re consuming. You’re on the computer most of the day at work then you’re scrolling your phone or watching tv. Add up all those hours and it’s probably a big number.

I was shocked when I really stopped to think about how much time I was on the computer or on the phone. So when I started having symptoms of digital eyestrain – I pretty much knew what was to blame.

Too much blue light can affect your health

Did you know that blue light can affect more than just your eyes? It can affect your sleep and we all know that effective, restful sleep is essential for our health and well-being. Check out this article from Harvard Medical School and their study on blue light and sleep.

Digital Eye Strain

Have you ever binge-watched an entire season of a show on Netflix or read an entire e-book in one sitting on your Kindle or iPad? I have! You probably have too. It’s all fun and games but after you’re finished – don’t your eyes feel like sandpaper and less focused? I’ve even had a severe headache pop up after I’ve finished binge reading or watching. Sometimes, I’d even have an intense migraine that just won’t go away even after I go to sleep.

Why I wear blue light glasses

All these factors put together and I started researching blue light blocking glasses. There are tons of them out there and they’ve been popular in the gaming industry for some time. I purchased the Nash frames from Felix Gray. I love the way they look but most importantly – THEY WORK!

I’ve made it a habit to wear them when I’m on the computer for long bouts or when I’m watching tv, scrolling or reading a book on my e-reader. I haven’t had an eye strain headache since I started wearing them.

I don’t wear glasses or contacts for my vision so it took me a while to build the habit. I have pairs of blue light glasses all over the place so I’ll never be without. They’re at the office, in my living room, at my home office desk, in my bag, my backpack, the car – you name it – you’ll find some. That’s how much I believe they have a positive impact on my vision and health and will probably make an impact for you as well.

I’ve since tried a bunch of different types of blue light glasses at different price points and rounded up some of my favorites + highly rated ones from Amazon for you here. Click the frames you like to shop instantly!

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