30 Days To Healthy Living Update

Officially on week 3 of the Arbonne 30 Days to Healthy Living and I have some thoughts.

Girl drinking an Arbonne protein shake


As someone who has tried a lot of diets and programs, I know you’re really not supposed to judge the program or way of eating specifically by the scale but rather by how you feel.

So, I feel really good! I have a positive mindset that is essential for me to stick this challenge and not dive off the deep end with cheats. I’m not hangry or having any cravings. When I did Whole30 and Keto – the hanger – was EPIC. I had crazy mood swings and I was constantly thinking about food. To be honest, I hate thinking about food all the time and/or planning what I’m going to eat as soon as I lose this much weight or finish the 30 days.

I wouldn’t say I have a crazy amount of energy like some other people have said. I don’t feel sluggish throughout the day and I wake up well-rested. I can make it through my workouts just fine. As far as energy goes, I have never felt more energy – like I had jet fuel pumping through my veins – than when I was eating Keto. So there is that.


I am not seeing much of a difference in the mirror but I’m trying not to be too critical because I’m only halfway through the program. Some of the clothes I’ve been wearing are fitting better and my pants are definitely looser. I bought a pair of pants about two weeks before I started Arbonne and they fit me pretty snug (slight muffin top) and now there is extra room!


The scale hasn’t moved since the end of the first week. This is the part where I often get discouraged. I am trying to listen to my body and not judge it too harshly. I lost 3 pounds at the end of the first week and I have not lost or gained any weight since then. I took a before photo and I took my measurements. Those haven’t shifted either. I will fess up and say that I was only able to go without coffee for 6 days. I know, I know…this whole process is supposed to be about getting your body back to an alkaline state and coffee doesn’t help achieve that. As someone who is used to having that 250 milligrams of caffeine at least twice a day…it’s a hard habit to break. Also, I’m still dairy free. I’m drinking my coffee without sweetener and with dairy-free Nutpods (which are phenomenal by the way).

Continuing On

You constantly have so many things going on inside your body and always want to see results quickly but you have to remember that weight loss is a long race and requires patience and perseverance.

A bowl of healthy spaghetti with homemade sauce and zucchini noodles with a little spinach.

It is SO HARD because I am eating great. Better than I have in years. I’m also working out more than I have in recent months and staying active throughout the day BUT I still hit this stall and I don’t understand why. I am constantly having to remind myself that I have an autoimmune disorder and that the body likes sameness. You body likes routine and doesn’t like change. So when you take something out of your diet, change the way you’re eating or what time you are eating and exercise more or less – your body is freaking out.


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