Affordable DIY Home Improvement: Stained Fence

Sharing an easy Home Hack to get the look of a brand new fence without the hefty price tag. This is an affordable DIY home improvement: Stained Fence.

We have an old fence that we’re just tired of looking at but we want to extend the life of before we make a bigger investment in installing a new fence.

This is what we’re starting with. You can see that a lot of the fence pickets have greyed due to age and several pickets along this section of fence have been replaced with new pickets.

I went to Lowe’s and spoke with an associate who was really knowledgeable about fencing/decking cleaning and staining. He was a fantastic resource and made recommendations on the products we should use. We took his recommendations and loved the outcome. Thanks Phil!

This will end up being a two-day project with step one starting with cleaning the fence with the Valspar All-In-One Wood Prep. This cleaner is impressive. Make sure you wear the appropriate protective gear and wash off any of the solution that spills on you right away. If your pickets are in better condition you could realistically stop at this step if you like the results.

You’ll spray this on a section of 6-10 pickets at a time. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Rinse off. You can use a hose with a pressure washer hose attachment for extra pressure or a regular pressure washer.

Let the fence dry for 24 hours then you can start staining. We selected Ready Seal in the color Pecan. It was the perfect color and resulted in a lot of color variation in the pickets that we really like.

This is the finished product. For about 60 feet of fence we used 1.5 gallons of stain, 2 rollers, 1 paint liner, 2 1.5 gallons cleaning solution bringing the total cost of the project to around $115. We already had the spray nozzles and sprayer for the cleaning solution so there will be additional costs if you need to purchase these tools but they’re great investments for everyday home projects.

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