Fall Eyeshadow with Covergirl Queenship Palette

There is nothing more fun than playing with a new eye palette. I’m sharing an easy Fall Eyeshadow with Covergirl Queenship Palette. With all the rich colors of Fall, there are so many ways to mix-and-match this affordable drugstore makeup find to create some eye-popping and jaw-dropping looks with the Covergirl Queenship Palette.

Covergirl beauty products spread out on a piece of white marble with a candle, a book, a hydrangea also in the shot.

I was so excited to receive the TruNaked Queenship Eye from Covergirl complimentary from Influenster and couldn’t wait to create a bold, smokey eye with the gorgeous jewel and metal tones in this palette.

Watch my eye makeup tutorial:

Here’s the finished Fall Eyeshadow With Covergirl Queenship Palette. I created the Covergirl eyeshadow look mixing and blending 4 colors in the palette. I used the lightest, most neutral colors of the bunch to create this bronzy royal look.

Leigha of A Southern Compass holding her hair back so you can see a close up of the eyeshadow look using the Covergirl TruNaked Queenship Palette.


  1. Use a fluffy brush to apply the lightest nude, light blush color to the lid and brow bone to create an even base.
    • This EcoTools duo makeup brush set is great quality & perfect for all your eyeshadow looks.
  2. Tap your brush into the next shade up – the tan/mauve – tap off the excess. Using circular motions blend it into the outer corner of the eye and into the crease. Repeat until the desired color density is achieved.
  3. Using the 5th bronzy/purple color press your finger into the shade. Swipe it on your eye from the middle of the eye into the outer corner. Use a fluffy brush to blend.
  4. Blend, blend, blend
  5. Use a smaller blending brush or a flat brush to dip into the gold color and tap or press onto the inner part of the eyelid and inner corner. This will really brighten up and pop the eye.
  6. Use your angled eyeliner or smudge brush to dip back into the bronzy purple color. Line your upper and lower lash line. Use your finger to smudge the lower lash line for a smoky effect.
A profile shot of Leigha with A Southern Compass holding her hair back so you can see a close up of the eyeshadow look using the Covergirl TruNaked Queenship Palette.

First Impressions:

After opening the Covergirl TruNaked Queenship Eyeshadow palette for the first time, I was so impressed with the array of jewel tones and the deep pigmentation of the shades. These colors are worthy of their royal title because they’re easily blendable to create bold looks or can be used solo with a quick swipe to make your eyes pop.

Leigha of A Southern Compass holding the Covergirl TruNaked Queenship palette in her left hand with swatches of the color drawn on the inside of her arm.


I love the colors in the Covergirl TruNaked Queenship palette. I was instantly drawn to the colors I used to create this Fall eyeshadow look. It’s a great palette for under $10. I will warn you that this palette has a fair amount of fall out so don’t forget to tap off and/or make sure you’ve prepped your face with setting powder so you can brush it off. My two favorites are the Airspun and the Laura Mercier.

Lastly, the colors look more pigmented than they really are, in my opinion. I had to do a couple of passes and deposits of color before I got the pigmentation I was looking for.


Dip a flat brush into some water or spray it with setting spray before dipping into the eyeshadow. It will deposit more color and thus you’ll have more pigmentation with less work.

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  1. 11.1.19

    I’m never able to do smokey eyes, it’s like I have two left hands. You’re beautiful and the shade suits you perfectly. Thanks for this tutorial. I’ll give it a try.

    • 11.1.19
      Leighá said:

      You’re too kind Corina! It takes practice but most of the time I just go with how it turns out.

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