Gift Ideas For Teens

Teenagers are arguably the most difficult to shop for! Rounding up all the best gift ideas for teens including gifts for teen girls and gifts for teen boys.

Gifts For Teen Girls

This is A Southern Compass’ Amazon Gifts For Teen Girl Gift Guide. Find the corresponding number in the list below for the link to shop.

Gift ideas for teens: teen girls gift guide collage

1. I would, but my damn mind won’t let me Book: Words of wisdom for teens.
2. Teen Talk Cards: Everyday questions to talk with teens.
3. 4K Action Camera: Comes with external mic and remote control! Super great value for the creative teen.
4. Nike Slide Sandal: Perfect for around the house or after school activities.
5. Ionic Face Steamer: Take skincare to the next level!
6. Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror: A top gift for any teen girl!
7. Fuzzy Faux Fur Slippers: ‘Tis the year of lounging & time to upgrade those slippers.
8. How To Draw Cool Stuff: Step-by-step guide to drawing. Super cool!
9. Sky Lite Star Projector: Let your teen create a unique ambiance in their room that’s out of this galaxy – literally!
10. Bracelet Set: Fun and whimsical for the teenager who wants to accessorize.
11. Skin Scrubber: Deep cleaning skin care. Can’t hurt! 😉
12. Glow In The Dark Throw Blanket: Blankets are great gifts in general – take it up a notch with this fun gift idea.
13. Makeup Towels: Help your teen, help you by not ruining all your nice hand towels with their makeup! These are highly recommended.
14. Vacuum Blackhead Remover: Yuck! Get rid of all the gunk! Great idea for adults too!
15. Backpack: Not your typical teen backpack! Comes in tons of colors!
16. Detangling Hair Brush: Great for wet or dry brushing plus it’s pretty!
17. 16 Piece Makeup Brush Set: Has great reviews and is great quality for makeup application!
18. Book Display Stand: Never lose your place again!
19. Adult Coloring Books: Don’t let the term “adult” fool you – it’s just harder pictures to color than children’s coloring books. Great for teens to focus and meditate.
20. Fine Line Markers: Use with adult coloring books or for art/school projects.
21. LED Artcraft Lightbox Tablet: Cool idea for teens with an interest in art or drawing.
22. Love Bracelet: Cartier bracelet look-a-like
23. Scrunchie Holder Stand: Organization meets art!
24. Watercolor Pens: Super fun for artists or great for colorful school notes.
25. Plush Knot Ball Pillow: Super soft & cozy!
26. 4 Pack Winter Face Covering with Earmuffs: The warmest way to mask up.
27. Hair Chalk Comb: Have fun expressing your personality with this and then wash it out! 🙂

Gift For Teen Boys

This is A Southern Compass’ cool gifts For Teen Boy Gift Guide. Find the corresponding number in the list below for the link to shop.

Gift ideas for teens: Gifts for teen boy gift guide collage

1. Do Not Disturb Socks: What parent hasn’t heard this!
2. Wearable Braided Wristband Headphones: Never lose another set of headphones.
3. Christian Wristbands: Super cool way to express one’s faith and a daily reminder of these verses.
4. Adidas Slides: Perfect house shoes or for after sports!
5. 3D Illusion Basketball Lamp: Cool for any room to impress your friends.
6. DUDE Face & Body Wipes: Great for after school activities or all day sports to refresh!
7. Funkaway Spray: A funny but also a functional gift for the teen whose room always has that smell.
8. Sarcastic Comment Loading: Cool, sarcastic, tee for teens.
9. I Pause My Game Tee: Since, parents probably hear this all time!
10. Nail Clipper Set: Totally a functional gift!
11. Jack Black Skin Care: Because we’ve all been a teenager and know how much they need useful skincare products.
12. FlipSlide Game: The kind of game parents can get behind!
13. NFL 3D Blocks Helmet Set: Doube whammy! It’s an activity & cool art for the room.
14. Spike Ball Kit: Fun game for teens.
15. Stash Your Cash – Secret Puzzle Box Brainteaser: A fun way to engage the mind and unique way to hide the valuables.
16. Bluetooth Beanie Hat: Super cool for outdoor activities!
17. Laser Star Projector: For an out of this galaxy room!
18. Fleece Hoodie: Amazing review + no branding or sayings.
19. Gravity Maze: Great for hanging out with friends and using their brains!
20. 4k Action Camera: Awesome camera for capturing the latest tricks!
21. Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker: Blast the tunes at the pool, the park, the room – wherever.
22. Twister Ghost Cube: A puzzle mind game.
23. Blackhead Remover: Helpful tool for those teen skin issues.
24. Magnetic Levitating Globe: World History but make it cool! Your teen and their friends will LOVE this!
25. Deoderizing Balls: Because we all know those shoes stink!
26. Magic Cube Set of 3: Stimulating puzzle games!
27. Laptop Backpack with USB Charging Port: Keeps the devices charged. Works for school or travel.


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