How I Get Away With Washing My Hair Once A Week

It wasn’t until I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, that I started researching how to be a healthier version of myself – inside and out. Learning that you have an autoimmune disorder and that your body is literally fighting against you is a hard pill to swallow but throughout my journey, I’ve picked up a few tips here and there.

One of the symptoms of a thyroid disorder is having a lot of hair fall. Now, it’s fairly common to have some hair come out in your brush but trust me – you will know the difference between typical dead loss and an underlying issue. I have fine, straight hair and was shedding so much hair it was unreal. I had a thin little ponytail, hair all over my bathroom floor, tons of hair in my brush and all over my office chair at work. Yuck! Now, it was still sometime after I noticed this that I received my diagnosis but this prompted me to take action.


If you notice an increase in hair loss, you should consult your physician and take note of any changes in your life or environment. Hair loss can be caused by numerous issues from poor eating habits to increased stress, genetics, and underlying or undiagnosed medical conditions, so it’s best to discuss this symptom with your doctor.

My haircare routine and regimen has evolved a lot since I was younger. I’m a natural, dirty blonde which means I’ve been adding highlights to brighten up my mane since I was a teenager. So, I’m already working with processed hair. My stylist and I have been scaling back the blonde for years to a natural + highlight combo that I’m comfortable with. I’ve run through all kinds of shampoo, conditioner, masks, treatments, supplements – you name it. From pricey luxury to drug store products, I was game if it helped keep my hair on my head. Nowadays, I have a more simplified routine that’s been working for me.

Day 0

Day zero is usually a Sunday for me. I’m beyond ready to suds it up by the time Sunday rolls around. I also practice all my self-care on Sunday’s as well – which includes a lot of health and beauty.

When it comes to washing my hair, I’ve been using Suave coconut shampoo and this AMAZING Hydrating Argan Oil Mask from Amazon.

The key to making your hair last between washes is to double wash your hair. It’s the same principle as double cleansing your face. The first wash is to get rid of all the products and build up and the second wash is to get it clean. If you’re not used to double washes, you’ll notice your hair feels stripped of all oils and is tough to manage – that’s because it is. That’s why instead of using a regular conditioner – I use the argan oil hair mask. I coat it pretty thick on the bulk of my hair and clip it up while I shave, exfoliate and do the rest of my routine. I leave it in for at least 10 minutes – then rinse. I LOVE this hair mask. My hair feels like baby angel hair when it’s dry and it also smells amazing!

I’ll say I have noticed that my hair is a little more tangled after this double wash + hair mask process but you can avoid more breakage by using a turbie twist to get most of the moisture out of your hair and letting your hair air dry before brushing. Obviously, if I’m doing this – I’m washing my hair in the evening. If you need a detangler, I recommend the It’s a 10 Miracle leave-in product. It’s a little pricey but it lasts a long time, really works and has great reviews. *If you need to blow dry it at night, try to let it air dry as much as possible before you do.*

Also, the most amazing hair dryer/styling tool is definitely the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer Hot Air Brush. Get you one of these! You won’t regret it!

Day 1

The first day after I was my hair, I don’t do anything to it. I just brush it in the morning and off to work I go. I know I’m probably the exception to the rule here because I have naturally straight hair that’s pretty manageable without styling.

For those who can’t roll out of bed, brush your hair and go – I’d recommend doing your styling on this day. If you need to blow dry, straighten, curl your hair – do it today. However, if you want to try and make it through the week without washing – don’t add too many products into your hair when styling – other than dry shampoo, texturizing spray and/or hairspray. If you can let your hair go natural for a couple of days – you’ll most definitely get more days between washes.

If you start putting products in your hair on day one, you’ll have a build-up by day 4 and you will definitely have to wash – which is totally fine too. Getting down to twice a week washes is a great plan for hair care.

Day 2

Here’s where I’m revealing the big not-so-secret SECRET to hair longevity! It’s dry shampoo. The holy grail of dry shampoo (in my opinion) is Batiste. I’ve tried dozens of brands of dry shampoo and NONE of them even compare to the results that I get with Batiste. Also, I go through a whole can a week so the $5-$8 price range for this brand is about what I can afford vs $15+ for other brands.

The real key to using dry shampoo is to apply it at night. You heard me. Spray your dry shampoo on your roots and throughout your crown in the evening and sleep on it. It’ll absorb all the oils that make your hair look dirty overnight and you will wake with fresh-looking hair. Just brush it out and use your fingers to get rid of any residual white powder and you’re off to the races.

If your hair is already styled for the week and you want to maintain the style as long as possible, use a scrunchie to loosely pile your hair as high as you can on the top of your head while you sleep.

girl smiling while wearing a red and white stripped shirt with her hair high on top of her head with a scrunchie


Hair accessories are always your best friend when it comes to getting more days out of your hair. Fortunately, hair clips and headbands are in right now – but regardless of what’s trending or not trending – I’m a big fan of headbands and think they’re a great way to add personality to your outfits. They are also office appropriate.

Day 3

Either day two or day three is when I style my hair. I’ve done my dry shampoo the night before so in the morning I have fresh hair that I can curl. I let the curls completely cool then run my fingers through or a comb to get these loose beachy waves. The only products I use on my hair are the Living proof Dry Volume Blast and a light coat of Big Sexy Hair hairspray.

So, what about getting your workout on? How do you keep your hair from becoming a complete mess when you’re hitting the gym on the daily? That is where you’re going to have to make your own call. I get pretty sweaty when I’m working out and obviously that means my hair gets wet and gross too. One tip is to spray a light coat of dry shampoo before you go to the gym to help absorb some of that sweat. Sometimes, I’m outside running or I’ve been in the sauna and my hair is just too gross to try and salvage so I’ll hit the shower.

Other times, you can try and salvage your gym hair with some more, you guessed it – dry shampoo…then blowdry your hair to dry it out. Touch up your style or throw a few fresh curls in, as you deem necessary.

Day 4

The fourth day of the week is where things can go awry especially if I’ve been doing a lot of sweaty workouts throughout the week. You’ve either salvaged it with a mid-week blowdry or you’ve broken down washed it by now. If you’ve made it this far – you’re rocking it! Day 4 is a pretty easy day for me. I gently brush my curls and use a little argan oil on the ends and call it day.

Please don’t ask me why I look like I’m a high schooler dressed in my school uniform in this picture. I do not know. LOL!

Day 5

You have made it to the end of the work week! It is no easy task to make it through 5 days without washing your hair. Day 5 is usually a hair up day for me. If you keep up with your dry shampoo routine all week + a little texturizing spray and you will actually have a pretty snappy pony for Day 5!

It’s still professional enough to go to the office for Friday but it’s low maintenance and you get at least one extra day out of your hair. I think many people would probably want to wash their hair by Friday for all their fun weekend plans.

Tips for a great ponytail:

  • Don’t slick your hair back to your head. Give it some volume at the crown.
  • Use dry shampoo & texturizing spray to get more volume.
  • Place your ponytail as high as you dare on your head or do a low pony. There is nothing worse than a saggy ponytail.
  • Use the right kind of hair tye for your hair. You might be using a scrunchie or Invisibobble – whatever is going to hold the thickness of your hair best without drooping.

Day 6

Of course, the week that I’m taking daily hair photos for this blog post was a week that I did a lot of exercise. While I can usually do a ponytail day 6 as well, it really didn’t look great – so I put on a hat and called it a day. I went for an outdoor run on this morning as well so there was really no salvaging it after that.

Girl wearing sunglasses, hat and headphones with hand on her hip after a run.

Hats are your friend on Day 6! You don’t have to wear a ball cap but there are plenty of fun, trendy hats that you can make great Saturday/weekend outfits out of.

If you’re heading to church Sunday, I’d probably go ahead and wash on day 6. If you’ve made it this far, you’ve done great! You have given your hair some much needed TLC and rest from products and over-washing so I know your mane will thank you for it.

Even if you don’t make it all 7 days – just cutting out a couple washes a week will do so much good for the health of your hair. I bet you’ll notice a difference in at about month with some real quantifiable results in 3-4 months.

Day 7

It’s finally time to wash your hair. No picture was really needed today because I just threw my hair in a top-knot and did all the things today. Sundays are all about meal prep, cleaning, self-care, exercise and getting prepared for the week.

This post was definitely a labor of love. I hope you found some valuable information in it and maybe are able to make even a small change to your hair care routine with some of the advice I shared. None of it is really groundbreaking but taking those extra steps to take care of your hair, skin & body will make you all the more grateful down the line!

Let me know in the comments if you have any standout haircare secrets!


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