My Current Evening Skincare Routine

Skincare wasn’t always at the top of mind for me. When I was younger, I rarely did more than wash my face with a generic cleanser in the evenings and SPF moisturizer in the mornings under my makeup.

As my late 20s crept up on me, I started noticing the youthfulness seemed to be draining out of my face. I started noticing the fine lines around my eyes and the discoloration and texture issues on my cheeks and near my hairline. While these aren’t huge skin issues, it’s something that certainly makes you take note and take action.

I started doing some research and found that I should be doing a lot more in terms of skincare and utilizing different products to keep my skin supple, hydrated and youthful. While I’ve experimented over the past couple of years with various skincare lines and products – I wanted to go ahead and share what my CURRENT nightly skincare routine is.

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Step One: Cleansing Balm

The first step to any good skincare routine is literally taking the day off your face, which is why my first step is so important. I use the Clinique – take the day off cleansing balm to remove all my makeup. This cleansing balm is so amazing. Truly amazing! The balm emulsifies and removes your makeup so easily, even stubborn mascara and waterproof products.

Simply use a finger to scoop a dime-size amount of the product and rub the balm between your hands first to get it warm. Use circular motions to massage the product on your face and eyes for about 1 minute. Rinse your face and pat off excess water.

I’ve been using the cleansing balm for 6+ months now and it works so great! I have never had any issues with it irritating my skin or eyes and it lasts FOREVER. I still have a little less than 1/2 the jar left with nightly use. So your investment will last.

Also, I consider this double-cleansing. You’re taking your makeup off and then using your skincare next to clean the skin.

Pro tip: Don’t waste your high-quality, pricey cleansers on taking off your makeup. It’s essentially a waste of your products. Use a makeup wipe, micellar water, makeup removing cloth, generic cleanser or whatever you fancy to gently remove the products from your face so that you have a clean canvas for your skincare.

Step Two: Dr. Lancer – The Method

I stumbled across Dr. Lancer products on Candace Cameron-Bure’s Instagram actually, so influencer marketing definitely works! LOL!! She was talking about how Dr. Lancer’s – The Method was the only skincare she’s used for years and I looked at her skin and was like – yep – that’s good enough for me to give it a go.

I bought The Method from a QVC when it was a Today’s Special Value. QVC still has a great deal on the 3-part skin care system right now. It’s $68 ($136.97 if sold separately).

I’ve been using The Method for about 2.5 months and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I love everything about it. Do you know that feeling when you get a facial and your skin is so clean it’s like you can feel the oxygen through your pores? That is what your face feels like after you use this skincare system.

  • Step 1: Polish
    • This a superfine skin polish that exfoliates and removes dead skin cells from the surface of your skin and helps regenerate new ones so that your skin is bright and plump.
    • You only need to use a dime-size amount with a little water for your whole face. Use circular motions and avoid your eye area.
      • Splash your face with water to rinse. Don’t use a washcloth. Those tiny particles of the polish will be on your washcloth and you can unknowingly get the polish residue in your eyes if you use a washcloth on the next step.
    • This is a superfine scrub and will agitate your skin and leave it a little red – if you follow the instructions. If you have sensitive skin – I recommend using less of the product and diluting it with more water so it’s not so concentrated and/or spot test before to see if you can handle it.
  • Step 2: Cleanse
    • Again, use a dime-size of the cleanser and wash your face. The cleanser smells AMAZING and it’s like visiting a spa. It forms a nice lather and really leaves your skin feeling clean.
    • Here’s where you will feel your skin breath! You can literally feel the air going in your pores and you’ll notice a healthy glow about your skin (watch the video above to see what I mean).
  • Step 3: Nourish
    • Finally, apply the moisturizer to lock in hydration and help reduce the appearance of fine lines.
    • If you want to use other serums and skincare products, that’s totally cool too. Just remember to apply your skincare from thinnest to thickest. Depending on what I’ve been doing during the week, I’ll either stop with the Nourish or if I’ve been outside a lot of spent a lot of time in the sauna – I’ll add some more dense hydration cream and/or rosehip oil over the top.

That’s it folks! This is all I’m doing right now for my evening skincare routine I saw a difference in my skin tone and texture after the first use but the benefits and glowing skin just kept coming! I’d love to know if you try it!

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