No Cost Kitchen Cabinet Update

If you’re looking for a way to shake up the look and feel of your kitchen without spending a dime, I’ve got a great idea for a no cost kitchen cabinet update.

There are so many ideas on my project to-do list in the kitchen that I know will be coming soon but I still have a ton of projects, both big and small, I need to finish upstairs before I hop on further down the DIY rabbit hole.

So, I grabbed my screwdriver for a fast and friendly door dash. AKA – I took off two cabinet doors to open up my kitchen to show off my collectibles and decor.

Sometimes I think kitchens can get a little claustrophobic. I already had a little bit more space and air with the glass front cabinet feature. Still, I wanted a change of pace and more open areas for the eye. Plus, I really wanted to be able to see the refreshed decor inside this feature cabinet.

So off with their heads…I mean, doors! LOL

Seriously, the only tools you need to complete this simple DIY project are a screw driver and a ladder. Maybe you can nix the ladder if you’ve got wider counters and good balance.

This cabinet is strategically the best option because it’s away from all the other cabinets. If you don’t have a cabinet that’s off by its lonesome like I do – choose an end cabinet or a cabinet that’s strategically placed next to the refrigerator or stove.

Shop the shelf:

Much of what’s on display in this cabinet are antiques or items of sentimental value. I didn’t purchase anything new to refresh this space but instead moved things around from different areas of the kitchen to create a neutral nook.

It’s both functional and fun with easy access to my dinnerware and pops of heirloom pieces passed down from my grandparents. Also, you can see I may have a *slight* obsession with collecting antique mortar and pestles. They are great conversation starters and look really great on display.

The key to making these shelves stand out is mixing natural wood tones with black, white, and a few well-placed pops of color. Along with the tension between old and new. I bet you have just the things you need around your home to pull off a no cost kitchen cabinet update.


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