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Switching your decor between seasons or refreshing a room doesn’t have to be a challenge. It doesn’t even have to be expensive! Shop your home for decor updates and move your versatile pieces from room to room to refresh your spaces.

I’ve adopted the following philosophy when buying decor items: Can I use it in at least 3 places in my home? If the answer is yes, then it is worth the investment for me. If the answer is no, then I know I need to take a more critical look at the item and determine whether or not it’s actually a good buy.

Sharing 7 different ways to style these bedside tables with items from around my home. So, come along with me as we shop your home for decor updates.

Started the transition to Fall by popping these gorgeous faux tulips into this leather-wrapped vase.

Shifted the mood with a simple vase swap from the leather wrapped with tulips to dipped with faux magnolia leaves. Also, popped in a Fall scented candle.

For a little more of a modern look, bring in a piece of art or sculpture from another place in your home. It’s a great conversation starter and adds a little personality. Had some fun swapping out hats on my lovely lady here.

DIY Nightstand

By now, you may be wondering where this nightstand/chest is from. Well, it’s from Ikea but I finished a DIY makeover to turn it into this high-end look-alike for less. Find the full blog post here.

If the sculpture isn’t your vibe or doesn’t flow with your home aesthetic, adding some greenery brings some life and warmth to the nightstand.

Picked up these items, including this family heirloom decorative box, up from different areas of the house. Gives a fun vibe all year around.

How about a monochromatic black and white look? Hot tip: Keep your nice product boxes, like this Chanel box. They make wonderful risers and decor items.

Lastly, grouping art and personal photos in unique frames will create layers and add dimension. Swapped out the lamp for a more modest look and added a new faux plant.

Shop similar lamps here.


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