Suns Out, New Sunnies Out

While summer vibes may be behind us for 2019, the sun still rises and sets every day so new sunglasses are a “need”, not a “want”. Right? <LOL>

I’ll let you mull that over while I share my new sunnies from Sojos. I’m one of those people that has a commute where the rising sun is blinding me the way to work and the same with the setting sun on the way home – so needless to say – I wear me some sunglasses.

Leigha of A Southern Compass sitting on a white rug wearing a pair of black aviator sunglasses while holding another pair of sunglasses and taking a picture in the mirror.

I snagged two pairs from Sojos – which is an Amazon sunglasses boutique with styles for men, women and blue light glasses too!

They’re great quality at a great price point. You always need to check and make sure your fashion sunglasses are polarized so they protect you from those UVA & UVB rays – which these are.

The square frames are definitely higher quality than the aviators. The arms on the glasses of the aviators are pretty flimsy but they’re a $15 find and since these are going to be car sunglasses and are bound to get tossed around that’s fine with me.

You really can’t beat the price and selection for a fashion sunglass. Would these replace your Quay, Raybans or designer glasses….no!

A woman's hand holding two pair of Sojos sunglasses.

Classic Aviator // Classic Square

Every style comes in different colors and tints. I ordered the Aviators with the black fram and gray polarized lens and the Square style in black tortoise with grey polarized lens. They’re on Prime so you’ll get free 2-day shipping as well.

A picture of two pairs of sojos sunglasses laying on a white carpet next to one crossed leg and the sojos sunglasses case.

I’m actually very picky about sunglasses because I have long eyelashes and I don’t like when my lashes bat against the back of the glasses. These are perfect. They’re comfortable and not tight on your head. The feel and fit great and are good quality.


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