The Evolution Of A Leopard Print Top Throughout The Work Day

Leopard is all the rage right now and the leopard print top has quickly become one of my all time favorite wardrobe staples. I can’t stop buying new pieces or finding a way to incorporate pops of leopard into my daily outfits. You name it, I have it in leopard. Slides, mules, sandals, sneakers, tees, tanks, tops, pants, leggings, belts, earrings…okay, you get the picture. I’m a leopard lover and I’m not ashamed to admit it!

Clearly, I’m an OG leopard shipper but what about those who are new to leopard or want to learn how to work leopard into their wardrobe? I’ve got you covered here. I’m sharing this affordable leopard top from JCPenny and showing you 3 ways this leopard blouse can evolve through your workday.

We all know you are a boss babe and are putting in the work climbing that corporate ladder. I’m hustling every day to make my mark and be successful so why not showcase your personal style as well.

Leopard + Meetings

Whether you are meeting with clients or juggling your to-do list in conference rooms, if you walk into work Monday morning with this coral blazer and leopard blouse, you will command the attention and respect you deserve.

Woman in a leopard print top wearing a coral Worthington blazer in size medium petite from JCPenny. Woman is holding the lapels of the jacket.
*This blazer is showing up more orange in this light but it’s actually a coral color. *

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Blazer // Blouse

If you’re packing a lot of talent in a small package like me, you will love JCPenny because they have one of the largest petite’s departments in the retail business. There is nothing I love more than trying on professional clothes and having everything fit as it should. That is what happens for me in the JCPenny Petite Department.

This blazer is a fantastic addition to your work wardrobe. It can transition from season to season and can be dressed down for a casual weekend look as well. It has a great silhouette, modern lapels, three-button detail on the sleeves, faux pockets that are really slimming and a single front button.

Leopard + Office Work

Okay, so you’ve shared your ideas and your reports in the boardroom and now it’s time to head to your office (or let’s be real, your cubicle) and tackle the day-to-day tasks of your job. Let’s shrug off that blazer and get a little more comfortable so you can do you best work.

Women in a leopard print top with the front of the top tucked in.


I’ve got broad shoulders so working with a blazer, even a great fitting one, on all day is constricting and a little uncomfortable to be honest. So, unless I’m heading to meetings or appointments I hang that beauty in my office, fire up my computer and get to work.

I always buy tops that are less forgiving like this (made out of polyester) one size up to give a little bit more breathing room. Remember, those broad shoulders! So I make sure to do do a full tuck or a front tuck, as I did here, so the outfit still looks polished and professional for the workplace. You never want to look like you’re wearing ill-fitting clothes at work and certainly always want to look your best because you never know who you’re going to cross paths with or what connections you will be making on this day.

Leopard + After Work

Oh, look at the time! The work day is over! Now that you have crushed the business world, updated your calendar and made your checklist for tomorrow it’s time to unwind a little. Whether you are heading to happy hour with co-workers or grabbing a bite to eat with your partner or just having a girls night – trust me this leopard blouse will work for that too.

A blonde woman wearing a long sleeve polyester leopard print top with the sleeves rolled up while looking at her apple watch. The shirt is tied in a knot at the bottom.


Unbutton the last two buttons and tie the blouse in a fun and flattering knot! This is a super flattering way to add some shape and spunk to transition your business look to an easy after work look. I pushed my sleeves up a little to make it a more relaxed look but you could definitely unbutton and roll up the sleeves too.

This “after work” look would be even more perfect with some statement jewelry. A great pair of pop color earrings and chunky necklace would take this look to the next level.

My final thoughts are don’t be afraid to show your personality at work. There are so many professional ways to dress up animal prints (not just leopard) for the office. As a woman in the workplace, I want to be respected and valued for my contributions but I also want to be myself and showcase my personal style in my professional wardrobe. Don’t get me wrong, as my career has evolved so has my office style. I used to be the queen of wearing neutrals to work and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Now that I’m older (and hopefully wiser) I want to stand out more than I want to fit in!

For A Southern Compass, This is Leighá.


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