What I Packed For Hawaii

I’m headed out of the office for a little reboot and break from the daily grind. In a rare spell of complete spontaneity, my sister and I booked a week long trip to Oahu. Neither of us has been to the islands so we’re very excited. In true fashion, I’ve been reading blogs and articles about all the must-have essential gear, best activities and places to visit – which I’ll definitely share when I get back but for now here’s what I packed for Hawaii [in a carry on].

Here’s a roundup of all the things I ordered from Amazon for Hawaii before the trip.

What I ordered from Amazon

  • 2 Pack Waterproof Pouches: Read quite a few articles recommending these bags to keep your personal items in while in the water or doing activities. It’s not recommended to leave valuables (phone) or important things like your ID or credit card unattended on the beach (or in your car) while you’re out soaking up the surf. Solution: take them with you.
  • Sun Bum Day Tripper: Travel size SPF for the beach. I have fair skin and burn easily so I’ll be stocking up on more when I arrive but wanted to have something to get me started.
  • Beach/Pool Coverup: Love this white one. It’s pretty, classy and lightweight. I figure I can also wear it over tank tops with shorts for added protection from the sun/wind.
  • Rash Guard: This is a must-have for a lot of outdoor activities in the sun. This one is really great quality and comes in a ton of colors/prints.
  • Hiking Sandals/Water Shoes: I read a lot about the various types of beach entries varying from rock to the hot sand. Additionally, read a lot of blogs from visitors who wished they had water shoes for activities like snorkleing to prevent any accidents on rocks or coral. These are the ones I selected.
  • Sun Bum Hair Tripper: Travel size shampoo, conditioner, dry shampoo and a leave in conditioner. I mostly purchased this for the travel approved leave in conditioner. I have highlighted hair and read a lot about how the sun, sand and salt can wreek havock on your hair.
  • Sun Hat: Seems like an obvious thing for lounging on the beach to protect your scalp and face from the strong equator rays. This one rolls up and packs really easily.
  • Multiplug Outlet: I don’t know how I haven’t had one of these already but you’ve got to charge all the devices and hotels rarely come with enough outlets, especially for multiple people so this seemed like a good buy.
  • RFID Blocking Sleeves: Can never be too careful when traveling.
  • One Piece Rash Guard Swimsuit: To look classy and still be able to enjoy the sun and beach without getting burned or having to remember to religiously apply sunscreen. If you’re going on an active trip, lik I am, I think investing in several rash guard type garments is the way to go.
  • Long Sleeve 2 Piece Bathing Suit with Shorts: Another option for swimwear with built in SPF
  • Waterproof Cellphone Pouch: This one has 62k reviews on Amazon and pretty glowing recommendations for all those underwater pictures I’m dying to take.

What else is in my suitcase:

I kept my packing pretty light which was new for me. I’m a notorious over-packer but I really wanted to enjoy the experience and not stress about outfits. I tried to select fun, vibrant colors and less neutrals for a beachier vibe.

Also, there are a ton of mainstream shops on the main avenue in Waikiki like H&M that you can grab anything you might have forgotten. Or stop in a local shop, ABC store or boutique to grab some Hawaiian dresses or shirts that won’t break the bank.


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